Save on a Full Year of Treatments

In order to maintain the healthy and radiant skin we all desire, a series of treatments are essential. A person who wishes to lower their blood pressure must exercise, eat right and take medicine. Likewise, beautiful skin needs a combination of therapies to maintain its healthy glow; including medical-grade skin care products, treatments and procedures.

Our medical providers have developed a series of plans that allow patients
to take advantage of monthly treatments at a significant reduction in cost.
Each treatment was specifically chosen in sequence to provide your skin
with the necessary balance of laser therapy, chemical and manual exfoliation.
The lasers stimulate collagen production, decrease pore size and hyperpigmentation
while the exfoliation treatments are tailored to every patient’s
unique skincare needs to promote cellular turnover, decrease fine lines
and wrinkles, and give the skin a refreshed and revitalized look!

The 12 month maintenance plan offers treatments at a 20% reduction in cost. Save up to $982 when you purchase the Maintenance Plan for your face, neck and chest. 


MONTH 1 — SilkPeel
MONTH 2 — SilkPeel
MONTH 4 — SilkPeel
MONTH 5 — Chemical Peel
MONTH 6 — IPL/Laser Genesis
MONTH 7 — SilkPeel
MONTH 8 — SilkPeel
MONTH 10 — SilkPeel
MONTH 11 — Chemical Peel
MONTH 12 — IPL/Laser Genesis

* Maintenance Plan also available with Dermaplane and/or Micro-needling.

If this package is not right for you, please schedule with your providers to discuss our personalized, customized packages.

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*Some restrictions apply Special Ends: Never! Maintenance plans are always available at Timeless