The Importance of Medical Grade Skincare

The science of skincare is not just a catchy phrase but actually refers to a constantly evolving understanding of the skin and its structure that allows for more informed decisions on how to care for it. Many scientifically-based, medical-grade skincare products provide a better way to slow the aging process and unlock the potential for the skin to heal from within.  

By targeting different areas of skin health, like supporting essential skin proteins and exfoliating dead, dull surface cells, medical-grade skincare products promote a vibrant, radiant complexion. Simply put, the best skincare products have the best ingredients, in the purest form, at the appropriate strength, and in correct combinations, backed by research studies.  

Are Medical-Grade Skincare Products Really Better?  

Medical-grade skincare, also known as pharmaceutical-grade, offers several benefits over retail skincare and is truly worth the investment. Here’s why: 

  • Better Ingredients – Medical-grade skincare products are required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure. Products that are purchased at department stores, drug stores, or even on Amazon are not held to the same standards and may contain fillers. In addition, most medical-grade skincare products use highly stabilized ingredients that lengthen their durability.
  • Higher Concentrations — One of the most significant benefits of medical-grade skincare is that the concentration of active ingredients is typically higher than found in retail products. So, even if your favorite drugstore skincare product has an active ingredient, there may not be enough of it to have an effect, or it may take much longer to get an effect.
  • Higher Standards – Because medical-grade skin care products have FDA oversight, they must have clinical research studies to back up any claims about their benefits. Retail skincare products, however, are not required to have their claims backed by research.  Since the ingredients in medical-grade skincare products have been tested to work, they tend to yield better results.
  • Deeper Penetration – Unlike retail products that only treat the skin’s surface, medical-grade skincare products are formulated to be delivered to the dermis, where the collagen scaffold and collagen-producing cells live. To make any real changes to the skin, the deep dermis has to be impacted. Most medical-grade skincare products also use more involved mechanisms of absorption to enhance deeper penetration into the skin. They also add a layer of protection and with a good routine, are most effective in repairing the skin barrier, to prevent future problems.
  • Prescribed by a Professional One of the biggest benefits of using medical-grade skincare products is that they are used under the direction of a medical professional who can help identify the best products to meet your goals. Medical-grade skincare targets specific medical conditions and needs such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and premature aging of the skin. As opposed to retail skincare, medical-grade skincare targets the root cause of the problem and, therefore, offers better results that last. 

So Which Skincare Products Do We Recommend?  

At Timeless, we have spent more than 18 years in aesthetic medicine, and have been introduced to and used a wide variety of skincare products. While there are many high-quality skincare regimens on the market, our favorites have always been SkinMedica, Obagi, and ColoreScience. We appreciate that their products are scientifically developed and their results are proven.  

At Timeless, our medical providers create an individual SkinScript for each of our patients to help them achieve their skincare goals and our selected skincare product lines play a big role in this. Our providers can help you determine your ultimate goals and the best combination of products and treatments to help you achieve them.  

Our goal is to help you look natural and refreshed – you, just a little better. Contact us if you have any questions about the products you are using and to start your skincare journey today. 

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