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Everyone’s Talking About It: What’s Baby Botox?

You might have heard the term “Baby Botox” bouncing around a lot lately. What does it mean?

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Gym Lover’s Guide to Services at Timeless Skin Solutions

  Exercising After Botox, Dysport and More Often we receive questions from patients wondering how long they have to wait to exercise after their treatment. Whether you are unwinding at yoga after work, playing tennis with your kids, or taking the dog for a walk, working out plays a role in helping you maintain that healthy glow.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Birds are chirping, lawnmowers buzzing, and we can smell our neighbor’s barbecue all weekend long. It must be that time of the year again: Father’s Day.

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Columbus Mothers of the Bride: 3 Treatments to Do Before the Wedding

The Big Day in Columbus Approaches For those of you who don’t know, I’m getting married in January! Just last week, I finally said “Yes” to the dress.

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Pearl Vs. Fraxel Laser

This has been an exciting two months with the Pearl laser running constantly in our office.The Pearl is for patients with unwanted brown spots, uneven pigment, hormonal skin changes, texture problems, and/or facial lines around the mouth and eyes.

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