Surf and Ski Skin Care Protection

How I maintain healthy skin on vacation

The sun, wind, and cold can all be very damaging to the skin.

Whenever I go away, whether it’s to the beach or the slopes, I follow these four easy steps to keep my skin in good shape.

  1. Three days prior to departure, I stop using any hydroquinone and retinol/retin A products that are in my regimen. I stay off these products until I get back home.
  2. After I’ve arrived at my destination, I cleanse and tone each morning and follow with one pump of my TNS Essential and Vitamin C&E. These products offer great protection from oxidative forces while down-regulating those pigment-producing cells.
  3. Next, I use SkinMedica’s new product, CalmPlex, to decrease redness and improve my skin barrier function. This product also helps to keep my skin moisturized.
  4. Finally, I apply SPF of 30, followed by SPF 50 1/2 hour later. I reapply every 2 hours while in the sun, and my skin comes home as relaxed as I am!



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