How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

June has arrived and we know you’re looking forward to the beach, family festivities, and cookouts. That means it’s time to get your skin summer ready. Your skin conditions can vary greatly with the seasons, and we are here to get you through the humid, hot, and sunny parts of summer so you have healthy, fresh skin.

But how do you get your skin ready for summer? Here are my 8 summer skin care tips…
Timeless SilkPeel1. Get a SilkPeel Microdermabrasion. This exfoliates your skin and removes excess oil, build-up, and ruddiness for a fresh, smooth resurfacing. It’s the perfect no-downtime treatment to also smooth the skin on your chest and back so you can wear that new strapless maxi-dress.



2. Why are you still shaving? Get laser hair removal and stop worrying about your bikini line, legs, and underarms every time swim suit season starts. You don’t need to shave anymore. You don’t need to wax anymore. After several laser hair removal treatments hair growth will be reduced up to 95%.


Botox for Men3. Botox is virtually painless and takes just about 15 minutes. I use Botox on my patients to soften crow’s feet, reduce expression lines, and give a natural-looking brow lift. At your next appointment, ask us how Botox can also treat wrinkles on your neck and reduce acne flare-ups.


Laser Hair Removal Columbus Ohio
4. Embarrassed by dark spider veins on your legs and arms during the summer months? Zap them away in 15-30 minutes with a laser vein treatment. It may take a couple of treatments, so the sooner you can do the treatment, the better.

Clarisonic Brush
Clarisonic Brush

5. Wash your face every morning and every night. And do it with your Clarisonic Brush. During the summer it’s especially important to use your Clarisonic as it washes away impurities and pollution from the humid, summer heat. Your products will work better and your skin will thank you for the deep clean!


Timeless Skin Solutions Columbus Skin Care Products6. Reevaluate your skin care regimen – especially facial cleanser and moisturizer. Many of my patients need a creamier facial cleanser in the winter and a lighter moisturizer in the summer. Let us help you figure out how to keep your skin glowing with your own customized “skin script”.


Timeless SPF products
7.  Wear Sunscreen!  Sunscreen is such a vital part of your skin care regimen all year long, every day.  It dramatically reduces the signs of aging and your risk of developing skin cancer.  It’s especially important in the summer as we are spending more times outside at cookouts, enjoying dinner on the patio, and attending outdoor weddings.  We offer different kinds of sunscreens so your skin type and preference will be covered!


Before & After (with mascara)

8.  Have you tried Latisse, yet?  What are you waiting for?  Imagine going to the pool and not worrying about putting on waterproof mascara… because your own lashes are darker, longer, and fuller.

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