Spring Clean Your Skin Routine

The groundhog may have missed his shadow, but spring is just around the corner! Just as you spring clean your house, your skin could use a bit of TLC for a fresh new start as well.daylight-savings-spring-forward-march-10-2013Timeless Physician Assistant, Allyson is here to discuss the importance of setting up a structured skincare routine.

During the month of January, I decided to take the time to sit down with many of my patients – not for procedures, but to discuss our plans and goals for the next “skin year.” During that time, we look at what we have accomplished in the past year and what things they would like to see differently or improved upon in the future. From there, I take some quiet time to map out a completely customized plan to fit each patient’s budget, goals, commitment and timeline. Some patients are prepping for a wedding and others simply want to continue to look their best and continue on the path of aging gracefully (with a little help from Timeless, of course).

After I have developed their plan, we then regroup to discuss and make any changes. We then put everything into a package and get them scheduled for the future. For many patients, we schedule out the entire year. This way we know where we are headed and what lies in front of us. We can always change appointment timing, but it takes out the guess work of “what comes next.” For other patients, we may schedule out 3-6 months if this is what works better for their lifestyle. No matter what the scenario, both the patient and I feel organized, intentional and satisfied that we have the plan in place to accomplish the goal we have identified.

Whatever the goal – Mother of the Bride, High school reunion, or just wanting to feel better when we look in the mirror – we can get there if the right plan is in place. It is just a matter of taking the time to create that plan and then putting it into action!

Ready to spring clean your skincare routine? Schedule now with any of our medical providers and save up to 20% off your maintenance plan!

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