The Secret is Out on Our New ThermiVa Treatment

From the desk of Dr. Erin Olah…

As an expert in the women’s health field, I am excited to offer the new ThermiVa® treatment at Timeless Skin Solutions. It is important to Timeless to treat women through each stage of their lives for the best skin and overall health possible. ThermiVa® allows us to help women who have encountered issues after childbirth or post-menopause including urine leakage with jumping, laughing, and coughing as well as dry female tissues and painful intercourse.

Many new devices are entering the market offering similar results in treating the same conditions. At Timeless, we pride ourselves on only offering services that have proven effectiveness and safety. The ThermiVa® treatment uses temperature-controlled radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen production and restore tissues back to their previous state. The increased support around the bladder from the collagen lessens the risk of urine leakage while reducing painful intercourse and dryness. It is an effective, non-hormonal alternative to estrogen hormone therapy.

ThermiVa®  is performed using a small device to gently treat internal and external tissues. Because this device is not a laser, it is safe for any skin tone. The procedure itself lasts approximately 30 minutes, but plan for 45 minutes in the office. For maximum effectiveness, it is done in a series of three treatments, spaced one month apart. The procedure is painless, quick and requires no downtime.

We are thrilled to now offer this new option to help our female patients regain control! What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation today.

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