Repair & Renew Your Skin with Micro-Needling

While Micro-Needling may sound intimidating, Timeless is here to ease your worries! This clinically proven treatment gently resurfaces the skin to help diminish fine lines, wrinkles and pore size for an overall smoother appearance.

Whether you are looking for an anti-aging solution or a fix for acne scarring, stretch marks or overall skin tone and texture – Micro-needling works to improve a variety of skin imperfections. Below are the questions we get most often about this tried and true procedure.

Is it painful?

A sterile tip creates tiny micro-punctures in the skin. This process of “controlled injuries” stimulates the body’s collagen production and the skin’s natural ability to heal itself over time.The medical providers at Timeless do everything possible to minimize discomfort. You will be prescribed a numbing cream to apply to the treatment area which will reduce any potential pain. Bony areas on the face tend to be more tender and around the nose can cause a tickling sensation. After treatment, you may experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity which will dissipate quickly.

How long do you stay red?

Timeless Marketing Director, Kristy was out running errands immediately following her Micro-Needling treatment. Upon stopping at the DMW for a tag renewal she was informed that her license needed renewing as well. She resisted because her face was still flushed from the procedure, but was reassured “It will just look like a nice tan” We are not so sure it looks tan – maybe more like a day in the sun without sunscreen! Kristy’s skin was back to normal after 24 hours and now has this glamour shot memento to hold on to for the next 4 years.

Following treatment, the skin will be temporarily flushed in appearance, similar to a sunburn. This will diminish within 24-48 hours at which point, you can apply mineral makeup. After that, get ready for beautiful skin!

How do at-home dermarollers compare?

While at-home devices for micro-needling are flooding the market, our providers advise that this treatment is always best when practiced at a medical office. When it comes to something as precious as your skin, you shouldn’t skimp on quality for a lower price tag.

With the at-home option, there is a higher risk for needles to damage vessels and nerves, spread infection, and cause scarring. Aside from the safety concerns, devices available for home use do not provide the same results that you will achieve from professionals. The automatic pen is more controlled than the roller where user error is common. The needle depth can also be adjusted to reach the dermal tissue where collagen and elastin builds and to better maneuver around facial contours and delicate features for a more customized experience.

How long do results last?

Many patients see visible results after just one treatment, Collagen takes 8-12 weeks to build, so a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended. Following the series, single treatments are suggested every 3-4 months for maintenance. Timeless offers special package pricing to help you achieve the best results possible.

How can I find a professional?

At Timeless Skin Solutions, you will feel confident knowing that all of our procedures are performed in a safe environment by medical providers, highly-trained in the art of non-surgical skin rejuvenation. Before Timeless recommends a treatment, we will take time to evaluate your skin, understand your condition, and decide on only the most proven treatments to meet your specific skincare goals.

Fresh and even skin tone can be yours with a simple Micro-Needling consultation!

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