Remove Body Hair Without Pain with Laser and Light Assisted Treatments

Remember when you were a teen-ager and you couldn’t wait to shave? Today you’d probably trade in your razor and shaving cream for a long-lasting alternative. Despite popular beliefs, there is a way to get long term hair removal without undergoing painful procedures like waxing and electrolysis. Dr. Carol Clinton of Timeless Skin Solutions in Dublin, Ohio features a laser hair removal treatment that is virtually painless and can be used on almost all body parts.

“The laser light targets the pigment in the hair follicle making the color break into miniscule particles. This heat, which damages the root of the hair, impedes its growth,” says Dr. Clinton. “The result is long-lasting smooth skin.”

With swimsuit season just months away, many men consider laser hair removal for trouble spots like the back and chest. Women like the procedure for underarms, bikini lines, and legs. But while laser hair removal is fast and effective, it is important to start treatments well before your summer vacation.

“The number of sessions a patient will need to undergo to experience complete hair removal varies. While laser hair removal is very effective at achieving long-lasting results, age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism all play a role in the location and thickness of hair on the body,” says Dr. Clinton.

Hair also grows in cycles. The laser targets hairs that are in the active growth phase of the cycle. Since some hair follicles may enter their growth cycles after a treatment, a patient may require multiple treatments for optimal results. The treatment is also safe to use on all people, even those with dark, tanned, or black skin. However, hair which is naturally blonde, white, or light red does not have enough pigment at the roots, and it cannot be reliably treated with any type of laser.

Laser hair removal is also a popular treatment for unwanted facial hair and ingrown hairs. If fact, the upper lip and chin are two of the most popular locations for laser hair removal for women and the neck for men. Dr. Clinton does not perform laser hair removal on eyelashes and eyebrows.

“There is a potential risk of damage to the eyes and eyebrow styles are constantly changing,” says Dr. Clinton.

Laser and light assisted hair removal offers long lasting results, and even if hair does eventually grow back, it is usually finer in texture and lighter in color than the original hair, and much less of a cosmetic problem. The most realistic expectation after laser treatment is long-term hair reduction. This means that after four to eight treatments, the total amount of hair is greatly reduced by 70-90 percent and the hair which does grow is often much finer and lighter in color.

Cost for laser hair removal ranges between $100 – $600 per treatment and is based on the area where hair will be removed.

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