Skin Care Specialist Provides Solutions for Aging and Other Skin Issues

Dublin, OH – Feb. 22, 2008 – The average cost of a haircut in America is $45. That doesn’t include popular treatments like coloring and highlighting designed to cover-up gray hair. So if Americans are willing to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year for youthful hair, why don’t they seek similar treatments for a more obvious tattler of age, the skin? Dr. Carol Clinton of Timeless Skin Solutions in Dublin, Ohio says there are many noninvasive skin procedures that can keep even Father Time guessing. And in some cases, early prevention with the use of pharmacy grade products can correct today’s skin problems and slow down the aging process.

“The highest-quality skin care products are only available through a physician’s office, and Timeless Skin Solutions makes it easy to schedule a 30 minute appointment to asses which products will best suit you skincare needs,” says Dr. Clinton. “We know your time is valuable so we strive to offer walk-in consultations immediately and respond to phone or email inquiries within 24 hours.”

Timeless Skin Solutions helps treat skincare issue on your terms. Sometimes a one-on-one physician consultation is not necessary. The highly trained staff can help you explore the various skincare products available and educate you about active ingredients and applications.

“Our spa-like setting takes skincare to a whole new level, “ says Dr. Clinton. “We provide pharmacy-grade products, doesn’t that mean our office looks like a pharmacy. We make taking care of your skin an enjoyable experience.”

Problem skin typically doesn’t start with deep wrinkles around the mouth. It can begin in early adolescence with acne and sun damage in young adults. Early intervention with the use of pharmacy-grade products can prevent future skin issues like scarring, discoloration, sunspots, and the lines around the mouth.

“You don’t have to suffer to get beautiful, clear skin. We don’t believe in a one-treatment-fits-all approach,” says Dr. Clinton. “Our office satisfies all your skin care needs from cleansers, to active anti-aging products, acne topical treatments, rosacea treatment, and top-of-the-line sun protection.”

Timeless Skin Solutions also features the very best in non-ablative and ablative laser cosmetic therapy and injectables to assist patients in their desire to look their best at any age. Popular treatments such as Botox® and Restylane® fill facial wrinkles for a smoother appearance. Laser treatments such as Pearl™ resurfaces the skin giving it a pearly glow.

“Many of these treatments have little or no downtime. They recapture a youthful appearance and will leave your friends guessing,” says Dr. Clinton. “The options can also be very affordable.”

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