“Recovery Takes a Community”

Timeless team members Steffi Zepp, Lorrie McCarty, Trish Mazurek, Lorie Hyek, and Andrea Forte with special guest Hoda Kotb.

Those words, as lived first hand by Dublin resident Laurie Elsass, helped to grow and develop a unique concept right here in central Ohio: a recovery high school called Heartland High School.

Recovery High Schools (RHS) are secondary schools designed specifically for students in recovery from a substance use disorder. Heartland High School, the first of its kind in Central Ohio, is set to open in the Fall 2018. The purpose of a recovery high school is to give students in recovery a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment that is specifically conducive to substance use recovery.  Heartland High School will fill this gap in recovery support services for young people, crafting Central Ohio’s first and only recovery school. Please join us in creating this life saving and life changing educational option for our community.

Timeless gift bags donated for VIP sponsors.

There’s a lot that goes into the chartering of a school with this kind of purpose, and Dr. Clinton and several key staff members joined many community members and advocates on Saturday to attend a fundraiser in support of the mission.

“This is a life changing educational option for Columbus.  I am excited for this program to launch and proud to be a sponsor”.

The event, with special guest Hoda Kotb, took place at Miranova as the school’s campaign kick-off. Kotb delighted the audience with her heartfelt love and support for Elsass, a former high school classmate. “Many of you have gone through a dark period in your life only to come out on the other side – into the light…We must share our journeys so others can learn.”

Lorie Elsass presenting Hoda Kotb with a gift of appreciation.

The journey of many of the individuals involved in the establishment of Heartland High School is the painful one of substance use disorders. It is their journey and everything they’ve learned along the way that will build the foundation for the school to help others affected by this epidemic.

The event was very successful, raising over $80,000 and six scholarships were donated totaling $120,000 for a grand total of $200,000.  Congratulations Heartland!

For more information on Heartland High School, visit their website athttp://www.heartlandhighschool.org/

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