Our Time at Home: How the Team at Timeless Skin Solutions is Making the Most of the Time Apart, to Come Together Stronger

Everyone has their own way of handling these challenging times, and the staff of Timeless Skin Solutions is no different. We’ve taken some time to catch up with a few – to offer hope and perspective to their friends and patients. Here’s what’s happening in their worlds.

Dr. Carol L. Clinton, Founder & Visionary

As she reflected on when first hearing about the coronavirus in January, Dr. Clinton recalls that she remained hopeful that it would be a mild disruption to her life and business. As we all know, of course, it has been more like a bomb going off.

In true Dr. Clinton fashion, however, she quickly began to consider how she wanted to remember this extraordinary time in her personal life, her family relationships, and her business. So she asked herself ‘What is my purpose in life?’

Dr. Clinton has always believed, and now more than ever, that her purpose is to help others. But she also understands that in order to help others, she must care for herself. She spends her days walking, taking it easy, having conversations with her family, and watching her team at Timeless do what is necessary now and for the future of the business.

Each day she focuses on her clarity of vision is to assess her own energy level and determine how she will spend the day. This time at home has allowed her to learn to play piano, do more reading than she typically has time for, and of course, there are a lot of Zoom webinars … “the bad news, I noticed my neck, it’s a mess!”

And so among the ways she is spending her time is by herself in the Timeless Skin Solution offices utilizing the lasers and red and blue lights to combat her neck’s aging skin. But she also focuses on daily meditation to keep her own anxiety in check so that she is then able to ensure that those around her are also doing well.

Understanding that everyone else is in the same situation, Dr. Clinton says. “…  we can do it and we will get to the other side.”  This time has given us all an opportunity to evaluate how we are spending our time – How do you want to look back on how you spent this time?

Dr. Erin Olah, Medical Director and Lead Physician New Albany

Dr. Erin Olah has been an instrumental part of the ongoing communications team at Timeless during this challenging time. She has personally talked with over 100 patients during this time via virtual appointments to conduct consultations, or just checking in with them about their product needs and plans for their Skinscript schedule once reopening begins. Thankfully, she has a trusty co-worker keeping her company, using proper social distancing, of course.

In addition to staying busy with Timeless patients, Dr. Olah has been staying busy with her kids, taking lots of walks, and spending a lot of time in the kitchen with her helpers. As for her skincare, Dr. Olah loves her HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator and, of course, Color Science Sunforgettable for all of those walks!

Melinda Rodriguez-Tercius, FNP-C

Spending her time at home with her husband and four children during the stay-at-home order, Melinda is working to build compassion in herself and her family during this challenging time.

While on Facebook, Melinda saw a post that encouraged people to send letters and artwork/drawings to nursing home residents who are quarantined and cannot receive visitors. The idea of offering some sense of connection to those who are most vulnerable resonated with Melinda and she decided to turn it into a lesson for her children.

Melinda’s children wrote letters and drew pictures and sent them to a local nursing home. To her daughter’s delight, about a week after sending the letter, Aliana received a package in return. In her letter, she had shared her love for horses, so her new “penpal” sent her a letter and a little wooden horse! Now a cherished memory that her family will always remember about this time.

DeAnn Hanna, Patient Care Coordinator, New Albany

Those of us who know and love Dee are not surprised that she has taken advantage of her time at home to get organized. She loves the perfect outfit – and the perfect wardrobe! – so has been spending her time going through her closets and her skincare to get organized.

As Dee walks us through her newly organized skincare it is clear that not only has she not slacked off during her time at home, she has ramped it up. She is particularly focused on boosting her antioxidants through the use of skincare products. Healthy eating and light physical activity like Dee’s daily walk also can help prevent the free-radical damage associated with aging.

Among Dee’s favorite products include SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum to help with anti-aging; Obagi’s Professional-C that targets pigmentation and lightens, tightens, and brightens; Lumivive to protect the skin from the blue light from your screen time; Total Defense and Repair with – no surprise! – more antioxidants and sunscreen to both repair damage we have already gotten from the sun and protect against new damage. And, of course, she doesn’t forget the Color Science Sunforgettable as she heads out the door for her daily walk.

Allyson Sterling, PA-C

Missing the connection with her patients and friends, Allyson is focusing on finding her joy in the little things. Among her favorite things while she spends time at home with her family are fresh flowers; crystals for peace, calm, and joy; daily positive message cards; Obagi Professional-C Micro-dermabrasion Polish every couple of days; TNS Essential Serum and HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator “always”; chocolate and jelly beans for a little pick-me-up; a good book; and a color-coordinated family schedule – that has plenty of room for revisions!

Allyson also recently shared an article with friends that resonated with her and brought her a sense of peace and calm. ”This post brought me peace and calm and for this reason I just had to take a minute to share it. I hope it does the same for you. 💕💫💖”

Clearly her positive thinking has been passed to her daughters, Anna and Mae, who were recently featured in the Columbus Dispatch for their positive chalk message “Spread Peace, Calm & Joy”.

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