My Diary of Latisse

Day 1 –  I wanted to have great lashes even without makeup, so I decided to try Latisse.  My first night using it I opened the box and found a large bundle of little pre-packaged brushes and a bottle that reminded me of Visine.  I applied one small drop of the Latisse to one brush.  I closed my eye, swiped the solution along the top lash line very gently, then did the same for my other eye.  One drop was enough to feel the solution being applied, but not too much to feel as though it was excessive.  Since it was collectively a total of 12 seconds (tops!), I thought I could definitely do this every night.

 Day 9 – I finally rented that tear-jerker…  I got all ready for a night in to myself, washed my face, did my nightly skincare routine, and applied Latisse.  As a couple tears strolled down – the thought did cross my mind Latisse could also be streaming down my cheeks…  Oh no will my cheeks grow hair too?!

Day 26 – I haven’t really seen any changes or results yet.  I hope this Latisse is actually working.  I didn’t notice any irritation around my eyes, but I did notice my lashes slightly itched; however, this became more and more rare.   I have really tried to use my Latisse every single night, but I have to be honest… there were those nights I did forget.  I hope this means it will still work…


Day 49 – As a daily mascara wearer, I finally began to notice a slight change in my lashes.  I didn’t have to apply two or three coats of mascara anymore.  I only needed to apply one coat and achieved the same look.  Yes!  Bonus: my best friend asked me what new mascara I was using; and I pleasantly told her I was actually wearing less mascara, and shared my secret of using Latisse!  However, no one else noticed yet…

Day 132 – I’m still on my first bottle, and I’m starting to see the changes!  My eyelashes are absolutely longer.  Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, a girlfriend would notice my long eyelashes and said my eyes looked more vibrant and open.  It’s working!!


Day 154 – My lashes are definitely longer, now starting to get a little bit fuller, and I can’t wait until they become darker.  It’s true what they say – the product will show you results within the first 10 weeks (the first bottle).  The product also says my lashes will continue to improve in fullness and thickness after beginning the second bottle, and I can’t wait to see these results double!

Before & After (with mascara)

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