Pore Me…The Truth About Pores

Are you one of those people who has tried everything—cleansing, rejuvenating, covering up your skin—to try to minimize the appearance of pores, but they just won’t shrink? Timeless can help. We offer a variety of treatments for those who are concerned about the appearance and size of their pores.

Pores are tiny openings at the surface of the skin that allow sebum, our body’s natural oils, to release to the surface to naturally moisturize our skin. Technically, they’re the opening at the top of our hair follicles. Every human has pores all across our body, except on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet—everywhere we have hair.

The moisturizing process provided by our pores is essential to healthy skin, but sometimes the sebaceous glands work overtime, causing too much oil to be released on the surface of the skin. This can be caused by stress, hormones and other triggers, but no matter the cause the end result is clogged pores.

When pores are clogged, they appear larger than they actually are. And as all of us age, our natural exfoliation process of shedding skin cells slows down and these cells can clog pores.

Luckily, we’re able to use advanced technology to offer a variety of options to treat and combat large pores.

Large Pore Treatments

Laser Treatments

Laser Genesis is a safe, non-invasive laser treatment that stimulates the natural production of collagen and decreases pore size. Get luminescent skin with Pearl, a laser resurfacing treatment that sends heat to the deeper layers of the skin to diminish fine lines, refine your skin’s texture and decrease pore size.


Smooth and brighten your skin with a chemical peel, a tried-and-true treatment that exfoliates the top layer of skin and provides noticeable results after just a few days. Or try a SilkPeel DermalInfusion, a 3-in-1 treatment that exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin with condition-specific serums.


Medical micro-needling can help increase your skin’s natural collagen production and improve the appearance of pores, fine lines, texture, acne, scars and wrinkles. Or, take micro-needling to a whole new level with Secret RF, a treatment that uses radio frequency energy through tiny micro-needles to help rebuild collagen under the skin’s surface.

Daily Treatment

The Clarisonic is the No. 1 cleansing brush recommended for at-home use. Using breakthrough sonic cleansing technology, the Clarisonic brush removes pore-clogging dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells for smoother, brighter and more hydrated skin.

The medical providers at Timeless can guide you to the best treatment to help you minimize the appearance of pores. Contact us now to request a consultation!

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