LUMIVIVE™ – The Answer to Premature Aging from Blue Light Exposure

Are you guilty of spending one too many hours behind your phone or computer screen? Did you know the blue light emitted by your devices penetrates the skin down to the third layer, which is deeper than some forms of UV light? Don’t throw that phone down just yet, glow-seekers—SkinMedica®’s brand new LUMIVIVE™  System has hit the Timeless shelves and is here to protect your radiant skin against multiple invisible threats.

“Many of my patients want to do everything they can to protect their skin from aging. Now with LUMIVIVE, they can be sure their skin really is protected from daily exposure to blue light and pollution.” – Timeless Provider, Ellen Burns, R.N.

Blue Light and Environmental Aggressor Protection

The average American spends ten hours per day in front of a screen, exposing themselves to harmful high-energy visible (HEV) light. This exposure can accelerate the visible signs of aging, such as dark spots, wrinkles, and saggy or loose skin. Environmental aggressors such as pollution, smoke, and indoor heating/cooling can irritate, choke, or dry out skin. Fear not—The Day Damage Defense Serum containing theobroma cacao seed extract, alteromonas ferment extract, and bioflavonoid antioxidants acts as a bio-barrier against these invisible threats.

“This is not your mother’s vitamin C when it comes to protecting your skin. This product goes above and beyond the average antioxidant protection.” – Timeless Provider, Emilia Hanson, FNP-BC.

LUMIVIVE™ Nighttime Replenishment

Beauty sleep is a real (and necessary) thing—not enough sleep can lead to lackluster skin, dark circles under the eyes, dryness, more wrinkles, and increased signs of aging. LUMIVIVE™ works overtime throughout the night to support your skin’s natural ability to repair itself, thus maintaining a youthful, glowing complexion.

LUMIVIVE offers a new ENVIGORATE™ technology which supercharges the skin’s nighttime recovery process,” Timeless Provider, Mallory Krispinsky, PA-C.

SkinMedica®’s LUMIVIVE™ is an around-the-clock dynamic duo that results in even skin tone and restored stressed skin, leaving behind a more luminous complexion. Click here for purchase information.

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