Kybella Columbus – What You Need To Know

When it comes to non-surgical solutions to get rid of a double-chin – Kybella is the answer. No surgery. No downtime. No double chin. No kidding.

What is Kybella:

Kybella is a permanent, non-surgical, injectable solution used to treat small amounts of fat under the chin.

Am I a candidate for Kybella:

Kybella is a treatment for someone who does not wish to have surgery to reduce their double chin and has a relatively small amount of fat in the submental region. If there is a larger area of fat under the chin we may decide that you’re a better candidate for Coolsculpting to reduce the fat in that area – Coolsculpting is another non-surgical solution we use at our office to treat double chins, as well as other body areas.

kybella for men
Men love Kybella because they are often bothered by a double chin when wearing button up shirts and ties.

Determining the best course of treatment for you requires an in office evaluation to come up with the most cost effective solution.  Our experts will evaluate the treatment area and come up with a customized treatment plan – because no two chins are alike! Sometimes we find that patients start as CoolSculpting candidates, and then once the CoolSculpting treatments are completed there is still a little subcutaneous fat left, and so we complete the treatment cycle by doing a Kybella treatment to improve the results.

Before treatment:

The procedure is most comfortable if a small amount of anesthetic is used at the time of the procedure.  Some patients note a slight burning sensation as the anesthetic is injected which only lasts a few seconds.

During treatment:

The treatment is quick, taking only about 15 minutes to complete. With a few minutes of preparation before the treatment and icing after, you will be in the office for approximately 30 minutes total.

After the treatment:

You can expect swelling, redness and some mild bruising. These symptoms can last up to a week and many patients chose to wear collared shirts or scarves to camouflage the post treatment symptoms. This swelling looks and feels a little bit like water underneath the skin. If there is tenderness, ice will usually relieve the discomfort.

When are results visible?

kybella profile

You should begin to see results about 3 weeks after treatment. You will continue to see results improve up to 8 weeks after the initial treatment. Several treatments are required, with four treatments being the most one person has had at our office.

What are patients saying about the treatment?

“I am so happy with my Kybella results. I have noticed a big change after only 1 treatment. The treatment takes only 15 minutes with little to no downtime. I can’t wait to have my second treatment!”

“I hated my photos before my Kybella treatment – all I could see was my double chin. Now with two Kybella treatments I don’t mind photos at all. I’ve even taken and shared a few selfies!”

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