Are Facial Fillers Right For Me?

For most people, the answer is a resounding YES

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – First thing’s first – Before getting started, it is important to talk with an experienced injector that can evaluate and customize a treatment plan based on your desired results. The art of injecting to achieve a natural and refreshed look is to sculpt the face so that it stays proportionate. For example – if you overfill parenthesis lines, it can make that whole area of the face pucker and protrude more than would look normal for your natural proportions.

Hyaluronic Acid = “Nature’s Volumizer” face-hyaluronic-acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that acts as a nutrient to keep our skin moist, smooth, and elastic. “Hyaluronic acid (also) attracts and holds water, which is what plumps your skin so that wrinkles and lines are less visible” (reference). Our bodies are constantly losing and replacing this substance throughout the day, though as we age, we lose it at the same continuous rate, and no longer produce enough to keep up with the loss.  The injectable fillers we use at Timeless Skin Solutions contain a scientifically manufactured version of hyaluronic acid, and therefore allow us to make up for that loss.

Getting started will fillers

20’s & 30’s- In our 20’s the natural production of hyaluronic acid in our bodies starts to decrease. Drink water and wear sunscreen! Sun damage and exposure to the elements determine how you age more than your genes. At these ages we can use injectable fillers to help enhance your features, correct any visible lines & wrinkles, and prevent future volume loss, as “these injections induce robust production of collagen” (reference). glass half full

45+ – The glass really is half full. At 45, over half of the hyaluronic acid you had in your skin at 20’s is gone. The goal for an initial injection is full correction. Full correction means using just the right amount of filler (not too much, not too little) in the appropriate areas of the face. After injecting for over 10 years, I can confidently state that patient satisfaction increases when we treat to full correction.

Maintaining Filler Injection Results

Initial treatment to full correction will cost more upfront, however, fewer injections over time are needed to maintain your results. Maintenance injections could be appropriate anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, based on how quickly your body absorbs the hyaluronic acid, and on which particular product was injected. In addition to treatments done at our office, an at-home regimen based on medical-grade skincare will be recommended to prevent further breakdown of hyaluronic acid. 

The image below shows the most common areas and number of syringes used when injecting fillers. In general, the higher numbers represent full correction and the lower numbers represent maintenance injections or patients who fall into the 20 to 30 age range. Filler PlacementContact our office for an appointment to see if fillers are right for you!

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