Housewives of Columbus for Real: Ultherapy

A Life of Leisure

Got a week or two you can afford a voluntary recovery?Time for Your Skin at Timeless Skin Solutions
You won’t be able to do daily tasks such running errands, cooking,  or even going to work.
But everyone has that kind of time, right?

Ultherapy in Columbus for Non-Surgical Alternative

You can achieve many of the same results as a facelift by stopping by our office for an Ultherapy procedure and head back into work the same day.

Timeless Skin Solutions was one of the first practices in Columbus to offer Ultherapy.

Sound Waves

The same ultrasonic technology that’s used to see babies during pregnancy allows our medical professionals to view the best place to target the treatment.
Once the areas of the face and neck are pinpointed, ultrasound energy goes deep beneath the skin without surgery.
The targeted energy waves stimulate the identified tissue and spark the healing response.
This is accomplished without significantly disturbing the upper layer of skin.

Brand New Collagen

New collagen forms during the healing process. When you achieve new collagen, you’ll get firmer, tighter skin that will lift from the inside-out.
Also, since there’s no surgery or abrasion and the heavy lifting is all done beneath that upper layer of skin, no one will know you’ve had it done. Your skin may be a little flushed for a few hours and you may have a little bit of swelling for a few days.
But, you are able to return back to work the same day.

You Look Refreshed

During the treatment, there may be discomfort.  We help prepare you with pre- and post-treatment guidelines, and advise how to make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.
In about two to three months, you’ll really start seeing the collagen rebounding and the full firming effects will emerge.
A lot of people like to have the treatment done around the eye area to improve a droopy, sleepy look from the brow starting to sag.

Nope, It’s Not Surgery

We can’t exactly duplicate surgery, but Ultherapy is a wonderful alternative for those of you who would rather opt out of surgery.


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