Columbus Ohio Chemical Peel and Columbus Ohio IPL

The Swiss Army Knives of Columbus Ohio two treatments that yield multiple results at timeless skin solutionsDermatologist Treatments

Hands down two of the most versatile procedures we do are the IPL (intense pulsed light) and chemical peel.  Although it’s not recommended to get one within about two weeks of the other, both can treat a variety of concerns.

With either of these, if you come in to address one specific problem, you can walk out with added improvement in other areas.

Columbus Ohio Wrinkle Treatment

In Columbus, Ohio, chemical exfoliation from a peel will likely do a little more for easing fine lines than an IPL will.

But, an IPL will do a little more for discoloration from acne scars or other sorts of skin spots.

Columbus Ohio Age Spots Treatments

The chemical peel will do more to improve the texture of your skin. Age spots and other skin discolorations ESPECIALLY rosacea will be eased more with an IPL.

In fact, a chemical peel is something that you may want to forego entirely if you have rosacea since it could cause a flare-up of symptoms.

How Does IPL Work?

With a very specific kind of light, the IPL goes beneath the top layer of skin in pulses.

The light is absorbed by discolored portions of skin and broken into tiny pieces that either come to the surface and fall off or are absorbed by the body.

Additionally, this procedure sparks collagen production which can erase fine lines. It also can minimize pores. A series of IPL treatments is generally the recommended course to achieve the best results.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

A chemical peel works by bringing new skin to the surface.

The new skin moves up from underneath the surface layers that are exfoliated by a chemical. There are different strength levels of the peels that will achieve varying degrees of sloughing off older skin.

Newer skin will have fewer fine lines, a more even tone and minimized pores. A series of chemical peels will likely have a cumulative improvement effect.

A Consultation Is in Order

As always, we recommend coming in to see us to help you narrow down whether one, the other, both or even a different treatment such as Pearl or Ultherapy is best for you.

You can set up an appointment here.


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