Medical treatments to shrink the appearance of enlarged pores.

Condition Causes

As we age, quite simply, our skin gets lazy. With each passing year, the natural exfoliation process of shedding skin cells slows. This can result not only in a dull or rough complexion, but these cells can also clog pores, making them appear larger than they actually are. With the advanced technology at Timeless, we have the ability to address these concerns.

Enlarged Pores
Our Treatments

We have a host of options to treat and combat your areas of concern. Explore our service menu below to learn about some of the most effective treatments Timeless can use to help you.

Laser Genesis™

A safe laser treatment that smooths fine lines and scars, improves the texture of the skin, decreases redness and pore size with no downtime.

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A laser resurfacing treatment that uses a unique wavelength of light to send heat to the deeper layers of the skin to treat lines & wrinkles, sun damage, pore size, dark circles, skin laxity, and improve overall skin texture.

Chemical Peel

Exfoliates the top layer of the skin to effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles, texture, acne, brown spots, and pore size.


A breakthrough exfoliation and infusion system that revitalizes the skin treating fine lines & wrinkles, skin texture, pore size, acne, and sun damage.

Photodynamic Therapy

PDT using Levulan® improves skin texture and treats a variety of skin concerns, including Actinic Keratoses, age spots, discoloration, acne, pore size, and scars.

IPL / Photofacial / BBL

Erase brown spots, uneven texture, lines and wrinkles all with no downtime.


A non-surgical, therapeutic treatment used to improve the appearance of fine lines, texture, pores, scars and wrinkles.

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Secret RF™

A non-surgical, therapeutic treatment used to improves the appearance of fine lines, texture, pores, scars and wrinkles.

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Before we recommend a treatment, we sit down with you to understand your condition, evaluate your skin, and decide on only the most proven treatments to manage or treat your specific condition. Our science-backed approach is why our patients love us!

We can treat enlarged pores caused by caused by:


    As we age, skin loses its elasticity from sun damage and as collagen and elastin production decreases. The skin thickens, causing tiny cells to collect around the edge, thus increasing the appearance of visible pores.

  • Genetics

    If one or both of your parents have large pores, you are more likely to experience a similar condition.

  • oily skin

    When oil and dirt collect in your skin, your skin swells and your pores look larger than they normally would. Cosmetics can be a magnet for dirt and oils, causing large pores to shine.

  • Hormones

    Androgen hormones increase during puberty causing the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum. Hormonal changes related to pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives also can affect sebum production.

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