Celebrating 15 Years of Timeless: A Conversation with Dr. Carol Clinton

Dr. Carol Clinton started Timeless Skin Solutions fifteen years ago as a staff of one and has watched it grow to become the number one provider of non-surgical aesthetic services in the Columbus market, and in the top one percent of injectors of facial fillers and Botox® in the United States.  We recently had the opportunity to talk with Dr Clinton about her vision for Timeless Skin Solutions then, and how she sees it continuing to evolve and grow over the next fifteen years.  

Q: What was your vision for Timeless when you started the business 15 years ago, and how has it changed today?

Dr Clinton: My vision for Timeless was – and remains – to provide services for people in a way that maintains their dignity and ensure that they look natural and refreshed. When I first launched Timeless, my initial thought was to provide only Botox® because it had just been approved by the FDA. The only fillers approved at the time were bovine-based collagen fillers. Lasers had evolved to be used for the removal of brown spots and hair, as well as reducing lines and wrinkles. It is so different now that a variety of fillers and medications have been approved for use in the skincare industry. And we have gone from using lasers to having all different kinds of energy-based devices available, including micro-needling, ultrasounds, and light therapy, that address a multitude of skincare concerns.

In addition to the larger number of tools available, the biggest difference between then and now is that in 2004 people did not like to talk about these types of services with family and friends. It was rather secretive, and not necessarily considered to be a worthwhile way to spend time and money. People thought it was risky and did not understand the benefits. Our clients today – especially the “selfie generation” – are much more comfortable sharing their experiences and results, and consider it a valuable investment in themselves. They have taken the time to understand and are open to education in this space.

In 2006, I became one of the first physicians in the world to show these procedures on YouTube, and I also utilized email to promote our services.  From the beginning, I envisioned Timeless Skin Solutions to be the number one provider in the Columbus market, a leader in the industry, and to ensure that everyone knows who we are and can rely on our outcomes – and I still do.

Q: What do you think differentiates the Timeless team from other providers?

Dr. Clinton: I started Timeless with a staff of one – me.  I answered the phone, printed paperwork, did the procedure and follow-up. We now have a staff of 30, in addition to a few consultants that help us, as well.  We are different from many medical offices because the entire Timeless team is completely dedicated to providing the best services available to each of our patients. From the first time they contact us, and every time they visit us after that, we go through their overall plan so that they fully understand how Timeless Skin Solutions can help them.  We seek to understand our clients in a holistic manner – what their bigger goals are, whether they have big life events coming up, just had surgery, or are dealing with a new issue that has not yet been addressed. Every visit with us includes a consultation and discussion, and we are truly interested in how they are doing, how their results are progressing, and their satisfaction with the treatment. We provide insight into outcomes they might not even know are available to them.

Q: What are some products and services that we should look forward to from Timeless in 2019?

Dr. Clinton:  I travel frequently to learn more about new advances in the industry, and found the following to be new trends:

Threads are being used to support sagging skin, and are becoming very popular and are most impactful when they are used along the jowl line. Threads had significant issues in the 2000s. The threads currently available are a huge improvement. Dr. Olah will be implementing these for our patients at Timeless.

Another trend for improvement of skin is adding cryotherapy to laser procedures and photodynamic procedures in combination. Adding this to the protocol enables us to get results more quickly, and can especially help with pre-cancerous lesions anywhere on the body.

A lot of studies have been done about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) that show consistent effectiveness in hair regrowth, in the use as fillers, and in regenerative treatments. The best part of learning from others experiences around the world and learning about these new trends and techniques is that at Timeless we already have a lot of the devices that someone would need to achieve results in all of these areas, proving that we continue to be on the leading edge of the industry.

Q: How do you see Timeless Skin Solutions evolving over the next 15 years?

Dr. Clinton:  My mind never really stops envisioning how we can continue to grow. We certainly want to grow the number of locations so that we are close to people who want our products and services. We consider ourselves “Fast Followers” – we will never be the first to test a new device, machine or treatment as we want to feel completely certain of outcomes before bringing in new technology.  As soon as the quality of the care and validation of results is proven, we will be the first to have it and offer it to our patients.

Q: What is your favorite treatment for yourself and the products that you can’t live without?

Dr. Clinton: There are so many treatments and procedures that I love, but I would have to say fillers are my favorite.  I love how it looks when it is done in a global manner, considering all structures of the face, to fill up areas that have lost volume, and give a natural and refreshed result. As far as my favorite product, I would have to say I have two – I love how the TNS Essential Serum and the HARejuvenating Hydrator work in concert together.

Q: Congratulations to you and your husband, Chris, on being named the Honorary Chairs of the 2019 Dublin Irish Festival!  Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Dr. Clinton: I can remember going to the Irish Festival 20 years ago for the first time and since then it has always been a staycation for our family.  We look forward to the Festival every year, and we have made so many friends from around the country and the world because of our involvement.  We are so lucky to have such an event in our community to showcase the arts, music, sports, and Irish Culture. Our dogs love it too, since they also are Irish! It is our family’s favorite weekend of the year and we are excited to be part of it.

Q: I know you are active with Pelotonia – are you planning to ride this year with Girls with Gears?

Dr. Clinton: While I am not able to ride this year since it falls on the same weekend as the Dublin Irish Festival, I will be a virtual rider and remain committed to raising funds for cancer research.

Q: What’s next on your podcast, “I’ve Got Skin in the Game”?

Dr. Clinton: Although I had slowed down production of the podcast as I finished my latest rounds of treatment, I am becoming more active again.  I will continue to have guests on to talk about how they overcome challenges in their lives – whether those challenges are physical and mental health issues, personal tragedies, or other difficulties – and how friends, family and the community help out during those times.  I will also be mixing in some skin care conversations and will be discussing treatments and procedures that I am looking forward to now that I am feeling better.

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