Best Job Ever: Emilia Hanson

Emilia Hanson is a licensed Nurse Practitioner in the state of Ohio and has been with Timeless for over seven years. From injectables, to laser hair removal, to peels, she does a little bit of everything.

This week, we sat down with Emilia to talk about her role at Timeless and why she believes she has the Best Job Ever:

What do you like the most about your job?

We have an amazing staff that loves helping everyone feel beautiful inside and out. Most of our clients come in to improve their aesthetics. However, our goal is to help them change the way they think and feel about themselves.

Who are your typical patients?

There is no such thing as a typical client; they range from teenagers to older adults.  There is so much we can do to help people, regardless of age, sex and skin type.We have the right treatment to fit any need.

Why should patients choose Timeless?

At Timeless, the client is always our top priority. We offer a customized treatment and plan, formulated to meet the goal of each and every client. We also believe that honesty is important when discussing treatments and results; we try to set people up so they know exactly what to expect.

The first time I was introduced to Timeless was……

My first experience at Timeless was meeting Kate for an interview. The company was smaller back then; it occupied one side of the building with only  two rooms. I remember that, coming from a hospital setting, I was thrilled at the opportunity to be a medical professional in such a refreshing environment—and still am.  

My favorite thing about working here is…

My patients. The relationships I’ve built with my patients have turned into many friendships. It doesn’t compare to anything else I’ve ever experienced in the medical field.

The thing that surprises me about Timeless…

The number of patients that we see on a daily basis.  

The thing people don’t know about Timeless…

Our goal at Timeless is to help our patients look like a more refreshed version of themselves, but at the same time that they haven’t gotten anything done. Gone are the days of noticeable procedures.    

What have you learned from working at Timeless?

I learned to not judge a book by its cover. After I started working at Timeless, I realized that we do more than what most people think—we don’t only perform procedures, we change the way people look at themselves, give them confidence, and so much more.

What do you like best about the people you work with?

They’re my family away from home. It’s like being with a bunch of your girlfriends in a work environment, which is very rare.

We’re better than anyone else at…

Our personalization of care and loyalty to our patients and our brand.

“We’re truly the best; I’m really lucky to be able to take care of the patients who have become friends over the past 7.5 years. We look at our clients as patients and people.”


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