Behind the Mask with Emilia Hanson, FNP – BC

What is your favorite book this summer and why is it a must-read?

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis – The name says it all 🙂 with COVID but I also think that it is a great little pick me up and it is a great reminder that we all have so much going on in our own lives and that we have to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.

What is your go-to activity to have fun?

Family time. I love being outside, walks, playing with the dogs and our new kittens, evening fires and movie nights.

If you have a regular exercise routine, what is your favorite activity?  

Home workouts and walks – I prefer the privacy of my own basement.

Guilty pleasures … we all have them, what’s yours?

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels, chardonnay and coffee shop/ bakery stops with my little guy.

What are your two favorite treatments that you LOVE to do at Timeless?

Micro-needling and DiamondGlow. I love the way that both keep your skin feeling and looking its best; as well as I know that it is promoting cellular turnover to help anti-aging, texture, blemishes, and pigmentation. Plus you can add on really any other treatment with both!!

I wish people knew “this” about me…

I take each of my patients home with me. There is not a treatment or patient that I don’t give 100% to and I want ALL of my patients to know that I am here if they need anything at all.

What does the future of skincare look like to you?

More non-invasive treatments that repair and improve the skin without downtime. I think we will see more and more customization as technology improves as well. Skincare regimen should already be of top importance but I think as the younger generations get on board we will see just how much improvement good, quality skincare over a lifetime really makes a world of difference in the health and appearance of the skin.

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