Behind the Mask with Debbi Bergwall, Patient Care Advisor

What is your favorite restaurant?

I love Oscar’s, because I feel like it is one of the originals of Dublin.  I also love Martini Modern Italian, and more specifically their dirty martini and Veal Piccata … YUM!

What is your go-to activity to have fun?

Working out, going out to dinner with hubby, family, friends. My husband and I like to hike and I really enjoy Indian Run Falls in Dublin. We take our dog, Dash, with us and make a fun day of it. It is really pretty in the Summer and Fall. 

If you have a regular exercise routine, what is your favorite activity?  

Love Stacy Gotti at Peak Human Performance … and not just because she is a Timeless Insider! I always attend the Punch class at 5:30 AM – it’s early but it gets me ready for my day and to go to work feeling good!

Guilty pleasures … we all have them, what’s yours?

The real housewives series on Bravo is my favorite binge show, and the iced sugar cookies from Sweet Tooth Cottage in Powell are my fav! They even have a drive-thru so you don’t have to get out of your car … the added bonus is that the cookie is gone before you get home so there is no evidence! This is also why I go to a 5:30 AM workout!!

What are your two favorite treatments that you LOVE to do at Timeless?

DiamondGlow and Micro-needling because I LOVE the way those treatments keep my skin healthy and “glowing”.

I wish people knew “this” about me…

My most favorite thing in this world is being a mom to my three boys … I am most definitely a proud “boy mom” 💙


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