Beyond the Wrinkles: Surprising Uses for Botox

Did you know that BOTOX® is used for more than just smoothing wrinkles? The powerful neurotoxin is famous in the cosmetic world for anti-aging purposes. But today, over half of BOTOX® revenue comes from therapeutic rather than cosmetic treatments.

Botox_MigrainesHere are the top uses of Botox that keep patients coming back for more.

1.  Chronic Migraines

(FDA Approved) Do you suffer from severe headaches 15 or more days each month, for 4 hours daily?

BOTOX® injections in the forehead, neck and shoulders are effective in relieving pain and muscle tension in those who suffer from severe headaches. Unlike medications taken after the onset of the migraine, BOTOX® prevents migraines from occurring. BOTOX®  injections are recommended once every 12 weeks to treat this condition.

2.  Excessive sweating

(FDA Approved) Do clinical-strength antiperspirants fail to provide relief from sweating? Are you self-conscious about armpit stains or body odor?

Although sweating is a normal way to cool your body temperature, an extreme amount of perspiration can be both irritating and embarrassing. BOTOX® injections block the chemical that activates sweat glands. BOTOX®  is recommended once every 6 months to treat this condition.

3. Overactive bladder

(FDA Approved) Do you feel the sudden urge to “go” or experience urine leakage on a regular basis?

BOTOX® can prevent uncontrollable muscle contractions to help with a range of overactive bladder symptoms. When injected in the bladder, muscles are relaxed which can help reduce leakage episodes (stress incontinence), increase bladder capacity,  and decrease the pressure in your bladder. BOTOX is a great alternative when an anticholinergic medication fails to help. Improvement from BOTOX can be seen as soon as 2 weeks and can last up to 10 months.

4. Muscle Stiffness

(FDA Approved) Do you suffer from stiffness in your upper or lower limbs?

BOTOX® can be injected into muscles to treat stiffness or tightness in elbow, wrist, fingers, ankles and toe muscles caused by Focal Spasticity, which sends messages to these muscles telling them to contract or tighten. BOTOX®  injections are recommended once every 3 months to treat this condition but may take more than one treatment to see results.

5. Eye Spasms

(FDA Approved) Do you experience uncontrollable blinking episodes?

BOTOX®  injections can help with involuntary spasm of the eyelids (blepharospasm), narrowing, and closing of the eyelid. Results can be seen in as few as 3 days with optimal results about 1 to 2 weeks after your treatment. BOTOX®  injections are recommended once every 3 months to treat this condition.

6. Acne

(Not FDA Approved) Do you suffer from unsightly and bothersome acne?

Minimal doses of BOTOX® injections prevent the sebaceous gland from producing the oil which bacteria feeds off causing pimples. This eliminates large pores and acne breakouts, without causing significant effect to facial muscles. Ask your provider for recommended frequency.

7. Crossed Eyes

(FDA Approved) Are your eyes misaligned or is your vision farsighted?

Crossed eyes (or strabismus) is a visual defect where the eyes are misaligned or pointed in different directions. Usually this results from weakness of the muscles or farsightedness. BOTOX® relaxes the contracted muscles in the eyes, making it easier for eyes to focus where they need to. BOTOX® injections are recommended once every 3-4 months to treat this condition.

8. Plantar Fasciitis 

(Not FDA Approved) Do you suffer from chronic heel pain?

BOTOX® is a safe and effective way to relieve plantar fasciitis pain and inflammation in the feet. Ask your provider for recommended frequency.

9. Scars

(Not FDA Approved) Do you have unsightly scars that you are worried are permanent?

Injecting BOTOX around the edges of a new scar will lessen the movement to help the scar heal faster and become less visible. Ask your provider for recommended frequency.

Do you struggle with any of the above conditions? Schedule a consultation with one of our medical experts to find out if BOTOX is right for you!

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