A Safe Way to Have Fun in the Sun

While we are beginning to enjoy warm Spring days full of sunshine, it is important to recognize the damage that the sun may cause to your skin, and to learn proper preventive measures that allow you to enjoy the sun without worry.

With 5 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, particularly among women ages 15 to 29. The good news is that it also is the most preventable form of cancer, and UV exposure from the sun is the most preventable risk factor. In addition to being a major risk factor for skin cancer, sun damage also is responsible for premature aging of the skin and is the leading cause of wrinkles. Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month it is the perfect time to learn about proper preventive measures and products that will help protect your skin as you head into the sun and fun-filled days of summer.

Sunscreen Is Essential

The easiest way to protect your skin from the sun is to use a broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30+ every day. Apply it at least 30 minutes before heading outdoors, and reapply every two hours. Even if you are not basking in the sun, reflective sun rays can be doing damage. Mallory Krispinsky, a Physician Assistant at Timeless Skin Solutions says that many of the clients she sees have damage to the left side of their face from being exposed to reflective sun while driving. She recommends, “Carry Colorescience Sunforgettable® on-the-go with you everywhere so you are always prepared, and reapply every time you get in the car.!”

As a mineral powder, ColorScience Sunforgettable® is ideal for all skin types including sensitive, oily and skin prone to breakouts. You don’t have to worry about getting sand stuck to your skin at the beach or sticky palms on the golf course from traditional sunscreen. Water-resistant for 80 minutes, it is compact enough to throw in your purse, and easy to reapply alone or over makeup throughout the day.

If you want to take your skin protection a step further, Timeless offers the first and only rejuvenating superscreen. Total Defense + Repair goes beyond UVA and UVB sun protection by defending skin against the sun’s harmful infrared rays. The unique antioxidant formula also corrects fine lines and wrinkles to improve sun damaged skin for a more youthful appearance. Available in SPF 34, SPF 34 tinted, and SPF 50+. Beyond the face, there are many areas to be mindful of such as ears, lips, front and back of the neck, hairline, hands and feet.

Seek Shade

Whenever possible, seek shade from the suns harshest rays. The suns’ rays are the strongest between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and this is when you are more likely to burn. If you can’t find shade make your own with an umbrella or wide-brimmed hat.

Cover Up for Extra Sun Protection

Lightweight long-sleeve shirts and pants can provide added protection from the sun. There are many clothing and sunglass brands that offer UV protection right within the material. Wear sunglasses and a hat for added protection for the eyes which are prone to melanomas and cataracts, and the sensitive skin around your eyes which may see signs of aging from squinting.

At Timeless Skin Solutions, sun protection is always in season — contact us today to learn more about our skin protecting products or to schedule your free consultation.

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