Say hello to firmer, tighter, more even skin

Skin resurfacing with heat energy to stimulate new collagen and elastin.

ResurFX laser treatment offers a non-invasive and highly effective approach to improving the appearance of your skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce the signs of aging, diminish pores, scars, and stretch marks, minimize pigmentation irregularities, or refine your skin’s texture, ResurFX laser can provide you with remarkable results.

With precision and accuracy, the ResurFX laser penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and promoting the natural healing process. This leads to the generation of fresh, new skin cells, replacing damaged or aged skin with a smoother, healthier, and more vibrant complexion.

Why ResurFX?

  • Proven & effective technology
  • Excellent results with minimal downtime
  • Reduces the appearance of pores
  • Regenerates collagen and elastin
  • SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY Improves tone & texture


We understand how important it is to find a trusted medical provider. Physicians at Timeless are extensively trained on the use of lasers and lights to treat your skin concerns safely and effectively.

  • Treatment administered by physicians with extensive training & knowledge.
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating.
  • No one-size-fits all methods; each patient is unique, each treatment is unique.
  • Superior follow-up and aftercare.


Get answers to your most pressing questions about this specific treatment. Here are a few that we hear most often:

How long is a ResurFX appointment?

Depending on the treatment area, your appointment will last between 20 and 40 minutes.

Who will perform my treatment?

Your treatment will always be performed by one of the Timeless Medical Providers who have extensive training and knowledge in the use of lasers.

Will it hurt?

Each time the pulses of light are delivered to your skin you can expect to feel a warm prickling sensation. This heat will dissipate quickly. Your provider will take necessary measures to decrease any discomfort you may feel.

Is it safe?

ResurFX is very safe when performed by trained medical providers. ResurFX is a non-ablative fraction laswer which does not break or damage the top layer of the skin making it safe for all skin types with minimal downtime.

What should I expect after treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you may experience some redness and/or swelling, depending on your customized treatment settings. The swelling will diminish after hours and the redness as quickly as the 1-2
days. Most patients can resume their daily activities the same day. Typically, your provider should advise to stay out of direct sun for a few weeks following the treatment and to apply sunscreen. Please note, if you have a darker skin tone your provider will advise you to use a skin lightener or Hydroquinone 4 weeks prior to the treatment to reduce the risk of darkening of the skin after the treatment.

When will I start seeing results?

We usually recommend 3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Results are seen gradually after each treatment. After the first treatment, you will see an noticeable improvement in pore size. Typcially, 3 sessions are needed to have a visible improvment in skin texture and fine lines. Optimal results are achieved after 3-5 sessions in 4-5 week intervals; you will continue to see improvements for up to six months following the treatment.

Will there be downtime?

After ResurFX laser skin resurfacing, patients generally have recovery time with some redness and swelling.  Patients can return to their normal activities the day after treatment. Redness, swelling, and minor irritation similar to a mild sunburn may develop, but these effects typically subside in just a few days. Sun exposure before and after treatment should be avoided and a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher should be worn daily. Our team recommends you wear at least a sunscreen of SPF 30, or higher, every day to help protect your skin long-term.

How much does it cost?

The cost per treatment varies based on the size of the area being treated. For the most accurate quote we recommend consulting one of our medical professionals to talk about your desired outcome. Treatment ranges in price from $600 to $800 per treatment depending on the size of the area being treated.

Am I a candidate?

If you have spots or sun spots, fine line and wrinkles, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, scars, large pores or lax or loose skin, that you want to address, then you are likley a candidate. Unlike many other laser treatments, ResurFX is safe for all skin types, with little downtime, making it a popular treatment for overall skin rejuvenation. You can discuss ResurFX with your medical provider at the time of your consultation.

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