Top 10 Product Gift Picks

Need help this holiday season with gift giving?  Looking for a unique birthday gift?  Let us help you with our list of Timeless’ Top 10 Product Gift Picks.  And the countdown begins…

10.  SkinMedica Facial Cleanser – Soap free, all skin types, morning & night.  This facial cleanser is perfect for anyone in your family.  Remember, you must first have clean skin before applying products to achieve proper absorption and maximize the efficiency of your skincare.

9.  SkinMedica Hydrating Complex – Most everyone needs a good moisturizer, but it’s hard to find one for all skin types.  You’re searching for Hydrating Complex.  It feels light and can help hydrate oily, dry or even irritated skin.

8.  colorescience Mineral Sunscreens – Mature, young, oily, dry – everyone needs a sunscreen to protect from the sun’s damaging rays.  colorescience delivers 100% mineral broadband coverage in a sheer, easy to apply brush.  You even have your choice of different tints and finishes.

7.  SkinMedica AHA/BHA 15% – Who doesn’t want the gift of even skin tone and texture?  Your skin will absolutely become smoother with AHA/BHA.  It can even double as a moisturizer.

6.  Dermaquest Glycolic 15 % Gel Cleanser – Refined skin?  Check.  Non-drying?  Check.  All skin types?  Check.  This is the cleanser for your weekly or daily exfoliation.

5.  SkinMedica Vitamin C & E Complex – Fight off free radicals all day long with this lightweight formula.  Some patients even say it works better than a primer under makeup.

4.  Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream – This product truly will change the delicate skin around your eyes.  Gentle and effective enough to use above and below the eye area, Obagi delivers on their promise of smoother, younger looking eyes.

3.  SkinMedica TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20 –  Do you know someone who hasn’t put on their sunscreen because it feels too sticky or heavy?  Have them try this all in one product: lightweight moisturizer with anti-aging ingredients and SPF 20.

2.  SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum – Dr. Clinton’s most favorite product will make any lucky recipient happy.  It has sun protective factors, lightening agents, antioxidants and anti-aging features for wrinkle reduction and aging prevention.  It’s simple: one product, one pump and most importantly… it works.

1.  Clarisonic Brush (Pro) – None of these products will work to their full efficacy if you don’t start with a clean face.  After using the Clarisonic Brush your skin is softer, cleaner, and every product will easily absorb as it was designed.

Have any questions?  We are always here to help.  Call us at (614) 799-5100 or stop in.

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