Beauty at Timeless is not just Skin Deep!

KateA look behind the scenes at Timeless Skin Solutions
With Kate Shneyder, COO

How would you describe the culture at Timeless?

The most succinct way I can describe the culture and the people here is by saying that each of us has a genuine commitment to excellence.

We have a culture that dictates putting our patient experience first. This is a vision that has been instilled by Dr. Clinton and is something that all of us are really connected to. We want to do the best for each and every patient and be the best at what we do – both are extremely important to us and it’s why we’re dedicated to continuous improvement.

When discussing our company culture I thinks it’s valuable to mention that as a business we have core values that feed, enrich and drive that culture.

Consider Others

Respond to a need

Assume Good Intent

Bring a Solution

It has been pretty fun to see these terms catch on and people start to live them. They went from being used in our work lives to integrating with our personal lives. These core values help us be better care providers, better leaders, managers, and coworkers – which is fantastic in itself – but it has been an additional reward to see them help us be better spouses, parents, siblings and friends. I am a better human because of these! It’s not uncommon to hear one of us saying, ‘I was glad we were able to respond to that need’ or admitting that we did not assume good intent and come back around to bring a solution.

What is one way you have demonstrated your culture with your patients?

In general, I think we try and sprinkle our core values into every interaction. We are always wanting to improve our patients experience. I can genuinely say that we think about this constantly and talk about it daily-but that is not enough is it? Not to us. The action and execution of the feedback we receive from our patients and our staff is what I think is truly impressive and something I am proud of. We have structured our operations in such a way that we are able to respond to these needs and make agile adjustments in our service delivery. We are not perfect, but the desire to make sure every person who walks through our door has excellent care and that their needs are responded to is something we all feel really connected to and strive for in all that we do. 

RnR-truck-btnSpecifically, I am excited about the opportunity we had recently to respond to a need expressed by many of our patients. They were communicating the challenges they experienced in regards to having to come to our physical office every time they needed to replenish their products. Products often run out at different times or you don’t realize you’re two pumps away from being without.

We want our patients to have the best results with the least amount of bother, and thus Timeless Auto Replenish was born.

With Auto Replenish, our patients can sign up for an exclusive program that allows them to receive two of our most recommended & popular products  at specific intervals. By signing up to receive SkinMedica’s Essential Serum and or HA5 at the prescribed intervals, they will not only receive their products ongoing without worry,  they will also receive a nice discount and free shipping! Additionally, patients will be to email a dedicated staff member if they would like to add items to their next order or to request more information about products at anytime.

For more information on our Auto Replenish Program, click here.

If you have any ideas about how we might provide better care for you, please don’t hesitate to email me directly!


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