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Patient Care Coordinator
Mary Blazer

I love and believe in what we do at Timeless and I am here to help, in anyway I can.

Mary, who started her journey with Timeless as a patient many years ago, was so impressed with her overall experience, and the upbeat friendly staff that she really wanted to join the Team! Mary is a self-proclaimed “product junkie” who loves talking about our products and skin care regimens and making sure each patient has everything they need to feel satisfied.

Mary graduated with a bachelors degree in Business Administration from Franklin University and has a strong background in buying, sales support and retail from federated department store and Gordon Flesch Co. While raising her own children, she also helped educated others as a substitute teacher through Dublin City Schools and then went on to found her own interior design company.

She has lived in Dublin for 30 years and has been an active member in many community organizations such as the pleasure guild of children’s hospital and Dublin schools. When she is not with her favorite people at Timeless, she is an avid and experienced home decorator, loves to exercise, including spinning and tennis. She has a real weakness for sweets – loves to bake – and eats it all!

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