Everything You Need to Know About AquaGold Fine Touch Micro-Infusion

You may have heard the buzz about the “red carpet facial”, and now you can get in on the action right here at Timeless! AquaGold Fine Touch Micro-Infusion is so popular that Vogue listed it among 7 non-surgical skin-lifting and glow-boosting skin treatments to try in 2021 – along with our other favs, Ultherapy and Hyaluronic Fillers. And word on the street is that AquaGold is the only treatment that The Bachelor Matt James and his buddy Tyler Cameron have done on a regular basis to stay camera-ready 📸

So, let’s dive into everything you need to know about AquaGold Fine Touch Micro-Infusion.

What is AquaGold Fine Touch Micro-Infusion?

This treatment offers up serious changes: smaller pores, brighter tone, extra hydration, and reduced fine lines. Pro-tip, if you’ve ever wanted to look like the “after” photo, this is the treatment to try. Trust us, skin looks airbrushed after just one treatment!

This non-invasive, virtually painless treatment uses patented 24-carat gold-plated surgical-grade needles – thinner than a human hair! – to deliver skin rejuvenating solutions directly below the surface of the skin. AquaGold allows for the delivery of some of the most effective and popular skin rejuvenating treatments, including Botox and facial fillers, depending on each patient’s unique needs and wants.

How does AquaGold Fine Touch Compare to Micro-Needling?

AquaGold is a high-tech device that spent seven years in clinical trials. It delivers 1,200-2,000 micro-injections per minute using hollow “microchannels,” or needles, and is designed to deliver tiny doses of a bespoke skincare cocktail just under the dermis. (Think of it as tiny needles “stamping” your face and injecting a serum.)

While Micro-Needling goes into the deeper layers of the skin without injection beneficial ingredients, AquaGold targets a specific layer in the skin to micro-infuse customized solutions into the skin. Doing so stimulates collagen production, treats fine lines, and reduces pore size. And because the Fine Touch needles are as thin as a human hair, AquaGold can be done in the difficult-to-treat areas around the eyes and lips.

What is the Treatment Like?

Similar to traditional Micro-Needling, you will be prescribed a numbing cream prior to your treatment to use the day of your AquaGold treatment. Since the ultimate goal is to deliver the maximum amount of ingredients into the skin, the more surface area you cover, the better. Treatments may take up to 40 minutes depending upon the areas being treated.

You may see mild redness following the treatment, but your skin will immediately have a dewey quality with no after-care required. You will see results immediately, but optimal results will take up to two weeks. Once you’ve received the treatment, results can last up to three months. Once you obtain the results you are looking for, we recommend quarterly treatments to maintain those results. But keep in mind, this is also a great one-and-done treatment for life’s biggest celebrations, too!

At Timeless Skin Solutions, we’re always looking to provide the latest and most innovative skin care treatments and we are excited to offer this game-changing treatment to our patients. Schedule a consultation with any of our providers to learn how AquaGold can help you meet your skincare goals.


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