Your Pre-Procedure Checklist

A list of what to expect when you make an appointment with us

    1. Arrival: Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that we can make sure everything. You are welcome to water, tea from Tehku, or Diet Pepsi (a staff favorite!)
    2. Check-in: When you arrive, please check in at the front or side desk and take a seat in our office waiting area. Overtime we strive to know your face, your kids names and what you are doing for the holidays but until we do, it would be great if you would tell the person at the front desk your first and last name so they can let either Allyson, myself or Dr. Clinton know you’ve arrived.
    3. Paperwork: New patients will be given a clipboard and asked to fill out some paperwork. The first document is a brief description of basic personal information and medical history. The next form will be a questionnaire about your skin care concerns, which will help guide your consult. The last physical form you will be given will be a privacy practice form which you will sign both a hard copy and an electronic copy.
    4. Consent: At the front desk, you may be asked to sign some digital consent forms as well. The first will be a Privacy Practices and Consent form which states that we will not share your medical information with other people and it will only be used for your treatment in our office. The second is a form that discusses our cancellation policy and third is a consent form specific to the procedure you will be receiving. If you would like copies of either form, simply ask and we will print it out for you.
  • Photos: Next, we’ll ask you to come around the corner for some pictures. We like to take five photographs of all of our patients every time they come into the office. We know that not everyone is enthusiastic about the pictures, so I want to clarify that we are the only people who will be seeing these photographs, unless you give us written permission to use them for a testimonial. We will ask you to rotate so that we can capture different angles of your face.

Now you’re ready for your appointment! If you have any questions or concerns or may require special accommodations for your appointment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me:

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