Winter Hydration for your Skin

My Top Three SkinMedica Products for Hydrated Healthy Skin

We all know the groundhog saw his shadow last week, but with yet another snow storm on the horizon, it’s hard to believe we’ll be seeing spring sunshine any time soon. Just because you might have the winter doldrums, doesn’t mean your skin has to, as well!

Check out my three favorite SkinMedica products designed to keep you hydrated.

  1. Hydrating Complex: This specially designed serum, applied after toner and before moisturizer, works to increase the moisture reservoir in our skin. Unlike a cream, this product needs to be patted gently into the skin-not rubbed. On top of hydrating, it also stimulates natural production of hyaluronic acid and helps with skin elasticity.
  2. Dermal Repair: Rich, luxurious, and emollient-a face cream like no other! This product is for those feeling extra dry and is perfect for using before bed. Many of our patients add this product into their skin care regimen every winter to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.
  3. Ultimate Daily Moisturizer: With an SPF of 20, this product combines a light-weight moisturizer with the protection of SPF. Even though it may look grey outside, we are still exposed to the sun. This product keeps me both hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays.

Start hydrating today to have glowing, radient skin by the time the snow starts to thaw.

For more information, stop by the office at 31 South High Street in Dublin, OH43017 or call 614-799-5100 and I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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