What Would Dr. Clinton Do?

Well, if you are wondering “what has Dr. Clinton been up to?”, I thought I’d share my venture into a surgical experience in January of 2010. I have been bothered by some extra fat under my chin since I finished chemotherapy about five years ago. I had to take steroids at that time and the only thing that really got “pumped up” was the fat under my chin! So, I spoke with plastic surgeonDr. Brian Dorner in November. We decided proceed with liposuction of the chin and neck and he also recommended an upper and lower lid procedure (blepharoplasty) and a forehead lift. As the last three procedures were beyond what I had initially sought the in the consult, I considered his professional advice and agreed with all of the procedures recommended – with the assurance that I’d look better but not “surprised” or “hollow” or looking like a clown. The procedures took 4 hours. I was in excellent hands during the procedure. As I requested to be awake during the procedures, I received valium and local anesthetic. I would not recommend “being awake” for the faint of heart! The liposuction of the neck was by far the easiest part of the journey. The process to recover was much more intense than the nonsurgical alternatives, so if you are considering doing any surgical procedure, please be prepared for some “downtime” that goes beyond just “social downtime.” The swelling and bruising have resolved at this time and I am quite pleased with my results and the care I received from Dr. Dorner and his staff. In preparation for the procedure, I had a Titan treatment of the neck and have followed it up at this point with a chemical peel. I plan on adding an IPL, Pearl, Filler and Botox procedure shortly. I used my Skin Medica TNS Essential Serum during the healing phase as well as my Clarisonic Brush and Opal. If you’d like to know more about the process of a surgical experience or have questions – please feel free to drop me an email at drcarol@timelessskinsolutions.com and I will do my best to answer your question. I’ll get some before and after photos published here shortly!



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