What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

You’ve probably heard of Laser Hair Removal, but do you know what the treatment feels like?

With a free 30 minutes on my hands, I decided to treat my own legs today with our new Cutera ProWave.  Before I fired up the light, I wondered if I’d make it through the treatment. If you’re like me, the idea of a laser, heat, and flashing lights could be keeping you away from permanent hair removal.

Well, I was surprised.

I could barely feel the heat from the light and had completely finished my entire leg area before my next appointment arrived. It will take a few more treatments for me to achieve complete hair reduction, but I’m one step closer to the day I can retire my razor for good.

If you’re worried about treatment, don’t be! All you need to do is set aside thirty minutes, call the office, 799-5100, and schedule an appointment today. Join me in the quest for maintenance-free skin.



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