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First, I want to begin addressing how harrowing my skin has been since the advent of middle school dances. My skin is oily, acne-prone, dry in random, sporadic regions; more importantly, a nuisance, starting to expose the sun damage from cheer summer camp a decade ago. One dermatologist appointment after another only led me to more frustration. No, thank you. And no thank you to the sterile, hospital surrounding.

Timeless Skin Solutions (specifically, Ms. Emilia, RN) to my rescue: Lucky for me, Timeless offers a medical-grade dermabrasion called a Silk Peel. Medical-grade means you will not be able to make this appointment at your local salon. This breakthrough system simultaneously gets rid of the bad (dead skin cells and bacteria) and infuses the good (a solution for your individual need). During a fifteen minute procedure, Emilia will glide a lipstick-sized tool over the entire surface of your face. I have heard this feels like a cat licking your face, but I would say this feels more like a vacuum relieving my pores from their suffocation. While I can feel my pores rejoicing in emancipation, I also feel a soothing, moist solution being applied and infused into my skin. This is the part where your Silk Peel becomes specialized, just for you.

After Emilia evaluated my skin, she decided to have the Silk Peel infuse my skin with acne-fighting treatment. You may need a hydrating solution to rejuvenate dull skin, or maybe an anti-aging solution to boost weathered skin.

Not only can a Silk Peel benefit my acne-prone skin, but it reduces the look of fine lines, acne scars, and helps fade brown spots and discoloration. Following this brief revival, Emilia then added on the Illuminize Chemical Peel from SkinMedica. Illuminize, as you could say, tipped the Silk Peel over the edge from simply soothing to visibly noticeable. Illuminize Peel (also known as “The Red Carpet Peel”) felt like another aqueous solution being applied to my face, again by Emilia. I experienced absolutely minimal redness and stinging. I am now three days following this procedure, and I have had zero skin peeling. I’ve experienced only radiant skin, and a much smoother texture. I cannot wait to get my next appointment with Emilia to improve my skin even more, and would recommend this particular pairing of procedures to anyone.


To welcome Emilia to Timeless Skin Solutions, we’re offering Silk Peels and/or Chemical Peels for $50 off the original price. This incredible value, done specifically by Emilia, is only available through Friday, August 12. Do you have a special engagement where you want your beautiful skin to shine through? Remove debris and damage from the surface of your skin with this medical-grade dermabrasion procedure and add on an Illuminize Peel to boost your glow.

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