Voluma: The Real Filler Game Changer

What’s new in 2014?

It has been 10 years since I opened Timeless Skin Solutions and what a great time we’ve all had.  It takes a lot for me to say WOW to new treatments these days – as most only make incremental improvements in technology we have already.

In late 2013, Voluma was approved by the FDA to replace volume in the mid-face due to aging.  I heard rumblings that this was going to be a “game changer”, but I’ve heard that before so I reserved my judgement until I began to see the results.  

In the past week alone these were comments from three of my patients who took the time to send me a personal note about the changes they saw from restoring what is referred to as the triangle of the upper face along with the Ogee curve.

Patient 1:

“I had to let you know how AMAZING my experience with Voluma and your expertise has resulted in truly making me feel 15 years younger! The combination of 54 years and Menopause can reduce the strongest women to tears. I have hated looking in the mirror and seeing “age” suck the life out of me.”

I did not believe that I would ever see my “younger” face in the mirror again. After Friday, I feel like my old self. The process was SO EASY, and I had minimal bruising… And I tend to bruise regardless of a procedure. The results are truly incredible … Soft and natural. Please know that you are a MASTER… This is so technique sensitive. I am blessed to be a part of your practice and a part of your “family”

For all of your patients that need a nudge or referral.. I would be honored to talk with them on your behalf!”

Patient 2:

“I love this thing you did.  Wow it’s amazing.  Thanks again.  It’s like magic!”

Patient 3:

“What a difference! I don’t look so saggy anymore.  No bruising, my hubby can’t even tell, love it…  So happy I don’t need my face lift now, my eyes have no wrinkles, pretty amazing (did I already say that?). Thanks again!”

Where is the product injected to achieve these changes?  Depending on your face and the area of loss, these are the most common areas injected:

Voluma has been released outside of the US for six years.  In January, I attended the International Master Class on Aging Skin in Paris.  The buzz words “volumizing” and “lift” were frequently used and with six years of experience outside of the US it was amazing to hear other physicians still excited about the results they are able to achieve.  Voluma is the only filler approved for volumizing aging skin in the United States and my early experience is mirroring that of my colleagues from around the world who used the words “revolutionized my practice.”  While there is still some fat transfer going on in the face, fillers have largely replaced the need for fat transfers in the mid face.  They have helped to lift the skin and decrease the dark circles under the eyes.  As we age – our skin begins to show signs of shifting and splitting and the volumizing fillers eliminate these unwanted changes.

I did a news segment on Voluma the same time it came on the market.  Feel free to watch here>

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