Utherapy’s Lift in Columbus: Don’t Try This at Home

If It Seems Too Good to Be True …

Some of the “latest and greatest” skin care products advertised heavilyat-home remedies often don't remedy all that much on TV get taken to the carpet by Dr. Carol Clinton.

From at-home laser hair removal, zit zapping and wrinkle removing – we’re sure you have seen some of these new home remedies.

Buyer Beware

While these treatments may offer some temporary results, they can’t compare to treatments offered at Timeless Skin Solutions.

Real Results for Sagging

One of the hottest new treatments for lifting sagging skin in Columbus is Ultherapy.

Using ultrasonic waves, we’re able to pinpoint where to best target gentle energy beneath the surface of your skin.

The targeted energy then sparks collagen production.

Lifts and Tightens

Those creams, potions and devices aren’t going to have the same effects as what we’ve got.

“They may have some temporary effectiveness. They really are not as good,” Clinton said.

She said it’s likely people may hurt themselves if the claims were true.

To learn more about how we can help you get great skin, schedule a consultation here.

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