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Always ready to learn new things, two of the Timeless Skin Solutions team, Allyson Sterling and Emilia Darfus headed out west recently to learn more about Ultherapy and bring back what they learned to Columbus, Ohio.

Not Your Average Conference

Darfus, a nurse, and Sterling, a physician assistant, were invited by Ultherapy as a part of an elite group (they were the only ones from Ohio at this conference) to learn new techniques and deepen their understanding of the noninvasive lifting.

Not Your Average Ultherapy Treatment

Sterling said she and Darfus learned about new applications for the procedure that uses ultrasound to target the areas that most could use some help.

Ultrasound is the same technology that’s used to see a baby in a mother’s womb.

After areas are identified, the ultrasound creates a gentle energy beneath the skin that sparks collagen rebuilding and skin tightening.

In the past, the typical treatment’s aimed at deeper sagging. Now there’s more.

Different Applications

A smaller wand head will allow for new applications.

“It (Ultherapy) has been used more in correction, but now it can be used for prevention as well,” Sterling said.

By directing the energy at a more shallow depth, the treatment can not only address crepey skin but also aid in preventative skin care.

Getting Comfortable

The folks at Ultherapy also shared new ways to help make the procedure more comfortable.

There can be some discomfort with Ultherapy, but given its face lifting properties, it is still more comfortable than a traditional surgical facelift.

The two approaches will yield difference results, but Ultherapy offers a noninvasive alternative.

Looking Ahead

Darfus and Sterling additionally learned about future potential uses for Ultherapy including areas outside the face and neck.

Experience Is Key

Sterling said it’s important for anyone looking at the procedure to be sure that she asks her practitioner any questions she may have and to be sure the person performing the procedure is up to date on the latest information.

Seeking someone out who “knows all the tools and techniques” as opposed to “doing the cookie-cutter approach,” is best Sterling advised.

If you’d like to know what Ultherapy can do for you be sure to request an appointment.


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