Reasons Why Your Skin Breaks Out When You Travel (And What to Do)

If there’s one thing we can guarantee will happen when you’re traveling, it’s that your skin will freak out. And probably break out right in time for a selfie. Read on to learn more about what causes travel breakouts and how to keep a temperamental complexion in check while traveling.

1. Pre-trip stress
Do your best to combat stress in the weeks leading up to your trip by planning, making lists, researching and saving up more money than you think you will need. Last-minute panic affects our hormone levels and wreaks havoc on our skin.

2. Unfamiliar water
Depending on where you travel, you’ll likely encounter water with a different mineral content than what you’re used to. And water with a higher mineral content, aka “hard water,” makes it harder to rinse off soaps and cleansers and makes the skin more prone to irritation.

3. Incompatible products
While traveling you’re frequently using soaps and moisturizers from hotels and public restrooms. These products often aren’t compatible with your skin, and will exacerbate your particular skin issues. Plan for which full-sized products you absolutely must bring along—and how you will transport them—well before you leave. (Don’t forget the 3-oz. carry on rule!)

4. Dietary changes
Most of us overindulge on vacation, but try to balance out all those sweets, treats and drinks with plenty of healthy fats and leafy greens. Pack your own plane snacks and munch on veggies and fruits rather than over-processed airplane foods. You really are what you eat.

5. Dehydration
Start ramping up your water consumption in the days leading up to your trip to avoid dehydrating your system, and skin, during a day of travel. Try to drink at least two liters of water a day before and during your trip.

6. Clogged pores
Did you know flying itself can clog pores due to the recycled cabin air on airplanes? Prep your skin beforehand by booking a cleansing and extracting chemical peel with salicylic acid. Making sure your skin is completely cleansed before leaving means it’s less likely to break out.

7. Dead skin cells
Airplane cabins have very low humidity levels, which can easily lead to dried-out skin and dead skin cells. Reapply an oil-free moisturizer regularly while on the plane, and bring along SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser and try to use it within the first few days of the trip to eliminate dead skin cells and help prevent breakouts.

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