Timeless Insider, Kathy Jackson, Shares Her Passion For Giving Back

The Art of Giving

Originally published in Dublin Quarterly Magazine, Winter 2019/2020
By Sandy Murphy, Founder of Dublin Ohio Moms in the Know

A story of kindness that has and continues to impact so many.

Humble, strong, inspiring and courageous are just some of the words that would describe local humanitarian, Kathy Jackson. She tirelessly spends nearly 20-40 hours every single week to try to make the lives of others in the community better. On top of running a speech pathology practice, being a mother to 4 amazing girls: Megan, Kayla, Anna, and Molly (all in careers centered around helping people) and a wife of 31 years to her husband Steve, who knows where she gets the extra energy, time and drive to do so much. 

Growing up in Pittsburgh with 4 younger brothers, a father in the steel industry and mother that stayed home, they didn’t have much. To make matters worse, her 9-month-old brother had a stroke and her 2-year-old brother was diagnosed with brain cancer which led to long stays at Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. During their time there, she watched and helped her family pull together community resources to build a beautiful rooftop sanctuary for families to escape to. This was her first exposure to giving back and engraved a special place in her heart that would forever guide her towards helping others whenever and wherever she could.

Read the full story of Timeless Insider, Kathy Jackson and her relentless desire to do good – and find out you can help one of the 48 agencies throughout Ohio, the U.S, and the world, with which she works.

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