Timeless and The Womans Fund of Central Ohio

Timeless is honored to be sponsoring the Women’s Fund Keyholder Event which raises funds for the programs and initiatives of individuals and groups supported by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. Health and education are the two key initiatives that drive Timeless’ sponsorship decisions.  The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio is a wonderful example of a group that combines these initiatives.

The Women’s Fund embodies the saying: “If you give a person a fish, he has a meal for a day.  If you teach a person how to fish, he has a the ability to provide meals for a life.” teach a man to fish

The Women’s Fund believes there are times when someone just needs a fish to survive the day and they support initiatives that respond to immediate health and educational needs.

In addition, The Women’s Fund drives social change to empower women in four areas:

  1. gender norms
  2. economic self-sufficiency for women
  3. leadership for women
  4. life skills for girls

These areas are important if we want women to become the best they can be and achieve their dreams for themselves and the world. My education has brought me joy and success. I am privileged to be able to share my knowledge to help others. Timeless Skin Solutions wants the same opportunities for all women.

womens fund vanessa williams The Keyholder event occurs each spring and brings to Central Ohio a woman who can speak about social change through her life’s experiences. Vanessa Williams is this year’s keynote speaker.  She has an amazing story to tell. Learn more here>

Purchase tickets for the May 10th event here> 

If you want to donate to The Women’s Fund click here>


Carol L. Clinton, MD


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