Think You Can be Too Young for Botox®? Gen Y Says No.

According to Fox News and, girls are now starting to have regular Botox® injections at a younger and younger age as preventative treatment for wrinkles. Here at Timeless Skin Solutions we can attest to that. Two of our young employees, age 23, have started using Botox®. Kate, who used to be bothered by the deep hereditary creases in her forehead, has been getting injected for the past year and loves the smooth results. Amanda, concerned with crow’s feet that have just begun to show, started to get injections as a preventative measure, and has also been very pleased with the outcome. Timeless even has Botox® patients as young as 11, one of whom uses just a few units to correct an uneven smile. So, how exactly does Botox® prevent wrinkles? Try thinking about it like this: When you crumple up a piece of paper and flatten it out, the lines remain visible on the paper. You can think about your skin in the same way. Botox® works by relaxing the muscles under the skin, thereby stopping the wrinkling effect you see on the skin’s surface. Botox® is a safe and effective way to address fine lines, wrinkles, and slight imperfections for people of all ages.

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