The Oscars are Coming – Find out your Celebrity Twin!

My friend, Anna Young, recently developed a website called using her famous father-in-law’s personality profiling. See what celebrity you are most like. I have found this quiz interesting and informative. There are twelve basic personality styles. Take the quiz and this site will begin to educate you in areas where your personality is beneficial for you, and areas where you might exercise caution.

Here is Anna’s email to me:

What’s Your Style?

You have personally been selected to preview my new website, Working with my father in-law, Dr. Greg Young, MD (or as he will be known on the site, “Doc G”) we have developed a site based on his Personality Style Theory that we believe will be helpful to many as they interact with people in their daily work, family life, relationships and school situations. Doc G’s professional work has been recognized over the past 40 years through three published books, numerous articles, featured in TV Guide, and he has appeared on various television segments on shows like Oprah. The launch of our new website is allowing us to spread the word utilizing web technology to further broadcast his exciting, professional and helpful message.

So this is where you can help me – and perhaps learn a little something about your own Personality Style!
1. Go to our website at and check it out! Go to the link “Find Out Your Style” and take our 6-minute quiz to determine your Personality Style. Email me your results at I will provide you with a FREE detailed report about your Personality Style for participating… but hurry, this offers will expire in 10 days.

2. Check out the Doc G daily blog at You just might learn a thing or two about the celebrities, athletes and politicians you follow in the tabloids and news. Add this blog to your homepage for the “Daily Dose” from Doc G. You’ll love it!


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