The Curelight in Winter

It’s been a long winter, and just last week I began daydreaming about outdoor barbecues and 90 degree heat. The expansive Ohio sky has been completely covered in clouds for so long that I almost forget what sunshine feels like.

And then, I went under the Curelight.

The Curelight not only works to clear up acne by targeting bacteria deep under the skin, but it feels like you’re at the beach for the duration of the procedure. While I reclined under the light, I imagined I was basking in the warm glow of summer sunshine with a cool breeze running through my hair. Three days later, and I’m feeling better and looking better.

If you have acne, I highly recommend the Curelight as a procedure to combat it. The warm light will clear up your face and perk you right up! To read more about the Curelight for acne, check out our website.

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