Helping Houston: Timeless Supports a Cause Close to our COO’s Heart

Over the past 15 years of working for Dr. Clinton, I have hit many milestones prior to my current role as Chief Operating Officer of Timeless. From graduating high school, college and grad school to moving away for several years to the only other place I have ever called home: Houston, Texas. With the current record-shattering Tropical Storm Harvey devastating the area, I wanted to share a cause near to my heart.While living in Houston, I worked as an Occupational Therapist at TIRR Memorial Hermann, treating patients with severe neurological injuries. During this time, I was inspired by an organization called Rehabilitation Services Volunteer Project. The mission is to drive rehabilitation services into a community of uninsured or underfunded patients who receive minimal aftercare once they were discharged from the hospital. I joined the board of RSVP and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.RSVP has three sectors: The Clinic Division provides evaluation, therapy and education to patients and families in a formal clinic setting. The second is dedicated to home visits, to serve those who are unable to get transportation or are too ill to travel to the clinic. The third is an Equipment Division connecting people in need of resources such as orthotics, walkers, manual and power wheelchairs.Volunteers include both licensed medical professionals – Physicians, Neuropsychologists, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, and unlicensed volunteers who help with transportation, equipment distribution, and fundraising.If your heart calls you to donate to a cause in Houston, this is one organization that I can assure you will put your gift directly back into hands of people who need it most. After all that has happened in Houston, RSVP has been getting numerous requests for wheelchairs and other equipment for people who had to abandon during water rescues. As a non-profit, over 90% of your donation goes directly from RSVP to patients in need!Timeless will be collecting donations at our annual Patient Appreciation Event. If you are unable to attend, please donate directly below!

Donate to RSVP

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