Timeless Spotlight: Ellen Burns, RN 

With Timeless Skin Solutions since 2012, Ellen Burns, RN, first began her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Patient Care Coordinator before earning her RN license and moving into a provider role. She credits her personal struggle with acne with giving her the desire to work in aesthetic medicine, noting “I understand the impact that having clear skin can have on my confidence. I want to be able to share that with others.”

We recently had a chance to catch up with Ellen about her thoughts on the future of skincare, her favorite treatments and products, and how she likes to spend her free time.

What is your favorite treatment?

Filler – instant gratification, long lasting results!

What is your favorite skincare product?

Retinol and Latisse

What is your favorite restaurant or goto dish?

With three little boys at home, it’s no surprise that we don’t get out to eat much. When my husband and I are able to sneak away for a quick date night, we enjoy going to BoneFish Grill.

Guilty Pleasure?

I still love watching Grey’s Anatomy …18 seasons later

What does the future of skincare look like to you?

I am excited to continue to expand my skillset injecting filler. I think as an aesthetic community, we are going to continue to improve in our ability to balance and harmonize patients’ features to help them look like their best self.

Tell us about your family

I am married to Kaleb and am the mother to three young boys- Lucas (6), Leo (3) and Bo (2). Note: You can read more about Ellen’s family and her unique perspective on the new role of social distancing in our lives in an article she shared with us last year.

How do you like to spend your free time

I enjoy home improvement projects and decorating cakes

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