Smart. Easy. Powerful: New Clarisonic Smart PROfile.

If you’ve heard only one cardinal rule in skin care it’s “wash your face before going to bed”. We are here to tell you it is awesome advice.  And here’s why:

Cleansing your face (both morning and night) removes pollution, oil, impurities, and makeup. Imagine never cleaning your counter top…easy to picture the grime that would accumulate, right? Build-up can also add a layer on your skin causing you to look dull, tired and aged.clarisonicBA

Sure, you can cleanse your skin and face with your hands; but what if there was an even better option that actually improved your skin?

Clarisonic has RE-Imagined, RE-Designed, and RE-Engineered the ultimate cleansing tool into what is now called the Clarisonic Smart PROfile. To be honest, we didn’t believe it ourselves until we tried it.  It really is a smarter, more efficient way to clean skin and is engineered for all skin types.  Ok, so how does it really work?

Smarter Cleansing 

The brand new Clarisonic Smart PROfile Brush has customizable settings to treat combination-normal skin with oily zones and areas of sensitivity. The brush head and handle actually communicate allowing for different cleansing modes and intensities based on the target area of the face. The Smart PROfile actually takes the thought out of manual cleansing!

More Powerful Results

This new and improved brush has been optimized to achieve superior results for total skin transformation.  Want proof?  In split-face, clinical studies the Clarisonic Smart PROfile removed age-accelerating pollutants 30X BETTER and makeup 11X BETTER than manual cleansing.

Easier Usage

Simply said, the Smart PROfile is designed with a simple user-friendly interface that helps optimize the cleansing experience. 

Better yet the Smart PROfile is compatible with ALL Clarisonic branded brush heads making it the most versatile handle for all your professional treatment needs. Brushes range from luxe high performance to sensitive, deep pore, and acne specific.  Want a pedicure as well?  There’s a brush head for that.


Stop in the office of Timeless Skin Solutions and let one of our skin care experts show you the new and improved SMART way to cleanse your face.

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