Skinscripts, Botox and Mindy Long

Timeless Insider Mindy Long knows what it takes to stay ahead of her skincare. This mother of one and two-time cancer survivor for over twenty years has been coming to Timeless Skin Solutions for a long time. According to Mindy, her longstanding skinscript “just works, so I keep coming back!”

Mindy speaks openly about her cancer journey, having had a double mastectomy in 1998, and then in 2012 was diagnosed with a new primary cancer unrelated to the first one in 1998. Her doctors told her at the time that there is a 5% chance of that happening after having a mastectomy.

Following several rounds of chemotherapy, an elated and cancer-free Mindy shares with everyone that it is important to stay focused on your skincare journey during periods of life’s unexpected moments even when other parts of your body are being impacted by treatments and/or medicine. Mindy has a relationship with Timeless’ Allyson Sterling who has helped to guide Mindy’s skincare protocol and skinscript over the years.

“I listen really carefully to the recommendations that Allyson Sterling makes. The solutions she recommends are always tailored for my skin, and I don’t feel pressured into doing anything outside of my comfort zone. I want to always look refreshed and rested.”

Mindy follows a script of Botox every four months and augments with DiamondGlow and chemical peels, especially after the summer months or months away in Florida. “I spent six weeks in Florida this past winter, and while I am diligent about my sunscreen, there are still times where I know I am getting reflective sun damage.”

Below is Mindy’s most recent treatment at Timeless, which included Botox injections into three main sites – the forehead lines, crow’s feet lines around the eyes, and the vertical ’11’ frown lines between the eyebrows. She also received a DiamondGlow treatment to slough away the dead skin cells and a “light” chemical peel.

Allyson notes that “We used SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel, a medium strength peel that will give Mindy vibrant, radiant-looking skin without any major peeling or downtime.”

Products always enhance any services at Timeless. Mindy uses “just about the entire SkinMedica product line” and takes advantage of the savings and rebates provided by Allē, which allows her to earn points on all her treatments at Timeless and use them towards future treatments, and she always participates in the bonus gift card promotions. “I started my products very early, so I feel I don’t need as much of them and I never have to play catch up with my skin”

We think Mindy is a “one-of-a-kind” survivor and Timeless insider and thank you for sharing your story.

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