Redness Relief CalmPlex

The New SkinMedica Product is Here

This new, creamy product from SkinMedica protects the skin while stopping any visible redness at the source.

Do you have unwanted redness in your face? This product can help. Good candidates for Calmplex include people who experience acute, sun-induced or chronic redness. People with rosacea, for example, could see a large improvement in their complexion after incorporating this product into their regimen.

The science behind the product: Prostaglandin E2 is a substance that has the ability to inhibit the underlying cause of redness and vasodilatation. Studies show that it will help restore the skin’s barrier-with an ingredients like niacinamide and ceramide that help build up and protect the skin.

To find out more about Calmplex or to determine if you are a candidate, contact the office at 614 799 5100 or stop by this Friday between 11am and 1pm to speak with our own SkinMedica representative.

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